Regional Leadership Development Conferences

SHPE hosts annually a Regional Leadership Development Conference (RLDC) in each of our seven national regions, delivering a crucial opportunity for our chapters to build their networks and come together around SHPE’s core philosophies.

Our 2018 RLDC events hosted more than 1,700 student and professional attendees. Many of these are from SHPE’s youngest university membership ranks, the freshmen and sophomores who will rise into leadership roles within their chapters and STEM fields. RLDC events provide unique support for these members to hone their organizational, managerial, and technical skills, fortifying their strengths and allowing SHPE to cultivate early the future of our organization.

A key asset of the RLDC convening is our Career Fair, which allows SHPE’s members to meet with recruiters from top companies to discuss their talents and gain a solid understanding of the career landscape ahead of them. This year, some featured companies included Accenture, America’s Navy, The Boeing Company, Chevron, National Security Agency, P&G, United Technologies Corporation, and Zillow, many of whom showcased their internships and early career opportunities to RLDC attendees.

RLDCs are also a way for SHPE to cement cohesion among all of our chapters. Because RLDCs are regionally focused, we can foster critical networking relationships among our smaller chapters, as well as reach those members who are unable to attend our National Convention. Many of our members nurture these connections throughout the year, organizing inter-chapter networking and social events to maintain strong relationships among each other.

SHPE’s members are the heart of our Familia. RLDC events ensure that our student chapters—key players in all of our work to build a robust pipeline of innovative Hispanic STEM leadership—are equipped with the tools that they will need throughout their educations and careers, as well as inspire future generations of Hispanic leadership in STEM.


“Being around young and growing professionals keeps reminding me how tough it was to be transitioning out of school into the professional world and trying to make the big life direction decisions as well as getting an opportunity to show what others and myself what I could accomplish.”

SHPE Member
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