National Institute for Leadership Advancement

For more than thirty years, SHPE has used our National Institute for Leadership  Advancement (NILA) to build a strong foundation of leadership among our ranks across the  nation.

At the 2018 NILA event, which hosted 282 participants, we placed special emphasis on  bolstering regional cohesion. Together, these leaders set goals for their chapters that will  reinforce the mission of SHPE on a national level and are still responsive to the needs of  their local chapters and communities. Participants also devised strategies to share  information throughout the year, which will allow them to maintain their coordination and  strengthen the SHPE Familia nationwide.

NILA is designed to accomplish these lofty objectives. By inviting participation only from  incoming chapter leadership, SHPE convenes some of our Familia’s best and brightest rising  stars in an intensive planning retreat. At NILA, participants are engaged morning through  night in workshops and strategy sessions geared toward strengthening chapter  programming and engagement. Some highlights from this year’s agenda include:

  • Fireside Chat and Lunch, presented by Autodesk: Discover How Executives Identify and Mentor Talent into High Performing Achievers
  • Case studies
  • Morning motivation

SHPE’s leaders leave a legacy. At NILA, our young leaders cement bonds to each other and  to SHPE’s mission, adopting the mindset they’ll need to become the authentic Latino role  models we need in our chapters, regions and communities. Our goal for 2019 is to have  representation at NILA from every active SHPE chapter, which will guarantee the power of  that legacy for years to come.

With access to key SHPE staff and peers, NILA is the perfect platform for developing  promising talent into relevant and responsible community leaders, ensuring that Hispanics  are not only represented in workforce, but are influential drivers of the future for STEM.


“SHPE was absolutely pivotal in my professional development. It provided me with the necessary tools and opportunities to explore various pathways and pursue my passions.”

SHPE Member
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